Blue Bay Village Hotel, Andros Batsi Hotels

The hotel

The BLUE BAY VILLAGE hotel enterprise was established about 10 years ago. It is located in Delavogia, about 5 minutes away from Batsi.

It provides high-specification accommodation to visitors from Greece and abroad. It is fully organized for accommodation and also operates a swimming pool and pool café bar during the summer months. In the evening, the pool area functions as a bar.

The hotel offers breakfast, as well as light meals and drinks from morning to evening.


The hotel offers its facilities for single-day or multiple-day conferences or corporate meetings. The hotel can undertake accommodation and catering for conference participants, as well as provide special facilities for the conference. It is noted that off-peak periods (except mid-July to mid-August) are ideal for the organization of such events.

BLUE BAY VILLAGE is open from Easter until the end of October.